Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sketchbook 2008-2010

This is the culmination of my sketches from the last two years. The book in which I drew them is pretty beat-up from my travels so it’s going into storage. I’ve digitized these for posterity. I like drawing because it’s not as conspicuous as taking out a camera. The medium has helped me to capture scenes from everyday life in places that are sensitive to being recorded. It’s also helped to break the ice on a number of occasions. I might not always share the same language as my subject, but the sketchbook has provided another mode of communication.

Far from being a luddite, I’ve always marveled at emerging technologies in media. However, paper and ink has a tangible subjectiveness that mechanical-aided design will never quite achieve. Also, when I didn’t have electricity and the batteries on my camera and laptop went dead, my sketchbook still worked every time I opened it.